In western counties many men have this assumption that Japanese schoolgirls not only look sexy in their appearance but they are equally sexy and horny in their nature as well. I do not know many Japanese schoolgirls, so I cannot comment on the opinion that western men have about Japanese schoolgirls or their sexy nature. However, I can talk about some of those reasons because of which Westerns men have this opinion for Japanese schoolgirls and I am sharing that below with you.

School dresses: If I name one thing that makes all the Japanese schoolgirls very sexy, then I would name their dress here. All the Japanese schoolgirls wear dress while going to school and west men consider that as sexy. Indeed, schoolgirls in

many other countries also wear school dress while going to school, but men think Japanese school dresses are more kinky and sexy. So, I can say that is one big reason because of which men have this particular opinion for these beautiful and attractive girls from this small and beautiful country.

Porn movies: If you will check Japanese porn or sexy movies that are available on the internet, then you will see a lot of schoolgirls in those movies. None those porn actresses may have any relationship with school or education anymore, but they act like school going girls, they do horny things for the video and men make their opinion accordingly. Sometime men do understand the difference between porn stars and school going girls, but then also they do not think accordingly while making their opinion and they make this kind of sexy opinions or assumptions for them without having any fact for same.

Sex stories: Some men are there in the erotica and they read different kind of erotica. These erotica may include text and graphics both. In graphical erotica, you can find comical version of so many hot and sexy Japanese girls and you can find so many schoolgirls also in those erotic. Just like porn movies this erotica may also have nothing to do with reality and girls from school of japan may not have anything like that. So, if I would say that men can have this kind of sexy opinion for Japanese schoolgirls because of all the erotica content, then that would not be wrong in any manner.

Tiny figure: mature men around the world wish to get young and skinny girls as their partner and sometime they do not get them in western areas. In japan all the schoolgirls look really tiny or small in size and western men find it sexy. Here, I cannot say anything on this because all the people can have their own set of opinion and if a person think a tiny girl look more sexier or hotter, then it’s his choice. But this is a fact that many men in western country have this opinion for girls of Japan and they wish to have nice and quality time with these girls for their pleasure of fun needs.

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