You might see live sex in a Japanese gameshow

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  by Max Shaw

If we will talk about a gameshow, then you will think about quiz, competition, questions and prizes. However, you will never eve relate any gameshow with sex in any condition. In an normal situation all the people would do this only and they would never related a gameshow with sex or any similar activity. But if we talk about Japanese gameshow, then anything can happen there and you can see some live sex also in a Japanese gameshow. I agree, most of you will not believe at first for this and that is why I would ask you to search for same on the internet before believing me. And with your search I am sure you will get so many results about it that can relate the Japanese show and sex with each other.

With all the information that I got about Japanese gameshow and things that people do in it are really weird. I think Japanese know how to do things in a completely weird manner and that is why Japanese can have sex also in a live show. In my search I found that they related to completely different things in a gameshow and they ask the contested to do those things in a Japanese gameshow. For example, they would ask you to cook but at the time of cooking you need to have cat on your head. Sure this is a weird thing to do, but as I said Japanese do things in a weird way and that is just one example that explain how they do things like this.

Here, you might be thinking that they can ask people to do weird things in a Japanese gameshow, but sex is not something that you do publically and that is why they would not ask you to have sex publically. However, this is not true because I got so many examples in which people did masturbation while singing or doing something else. If you think masturbation I not sex, then let me tell you more about it. I got so many other details also in which Japanese people had sex and they played orgasm was as well in those shows. And if two people doing erotic things together one of them or both of them are getting orgasm, then you have no reason not to call it a sex and that to on a live gameshow.

These are just few examples that I shared with you, but the information that I got about this subject was much wider and I don’t think I can write in that much detail about this subject. But I would ask you to do a simple search for this so you can also know about those kinky thing that many Japanese people do on a show. Please understand I am not trying to insult any individual with my comment, but I personally think that having sex on a gameshow is not something that you would like to do and that’s why you would never even believe it could happen.

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